Change Log #3

Docker 17.03.0-ce
We are now supporting the 17.03.0-ce version of Docker. Some serious bugs were fixed. We highly recommend updating your servers (added before 27/03/2017) with "Update service software" button on the host page.
Weave Network 1.9.4
D2C now supports the 1.9.4 version of Weave Network. Changes
Demo Hosts
Now free demo hosts create on AWS (previous on Digital Ocean). Apologies to our users who had problems with it.
What we are going to do next:
Support custom Docker Images.
We are going to add a new type of service to D2C. It gives an extensive opportunity of deploying your favourite apps from Docker Hub which we do not support yet (Java, Clojure, Scala, Groovy, CouchDB, etc.)
If you want to suggest some features to our roadmap, leave your comments here
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