Smart update of apps,
sync data between multiple containers,
new AWS regions and more..

Change Log #5
July 11, 2017
Smart update. Super flexible way to update your applications
Choose what you want to update. Mix these points in the way you need.
You can find the "Update" button on the service's page.
Synchronising data between multiple containers
We are now support synchronising volumes (Persistent data volumes) via Lsync.
Check volumes you want to sync
NGINX for different projects
Now NGINX may serve services from any projects.
Connect NGINX with services inside the different projects
Resize AWS EBS without downtime
From now D2C creates AWS hosts with 8GB system storage. You may change this size at the host page without stops (one change in 6 hours for each host).
Setting up AWS hosts have speeded up in 3 times.
We have prepared own AMI and stored them in all AWS regions. The setup process takes 1:30 minutes in average.
New AWS regions
Mumbai, Seul, Toronto, London, Ohio are available.
In the next release:
- stack files (.yml format)
- Vultr provider
If you want to suggest some features to our roadmap, leave your comments here
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