Configure Nginx as a web server
Let's Encrypt Free SSL

1. Go to a project page in your D2C account
2. Click "Create service"
3. Choose Nginx
4. Give a name to the service (if needed)
Ports 80, 443 are open by default
5. Choose the app(s) Nginx will maintain
6. On the next step you can choose protocol: HTTP or HTTPS. D2C supports Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates so we'll show how it works.
7. Click "Generate config"
8. The app will receive a domain, like
You can add additional domains. Ensure that DNS-record for additional domains has the same IP-address as a host of Nginx.
If you use AWS but not Elastic IP it's better to add CNAME-record:
With the value
Choose Let's Encrypt certificates or upload your own. You can edit config if it needs it.
9. Choose host and click "Creat service"
That's all! Check the Domain field at the service page.
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