Connect own host

We have some requirements:
Operation system
Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 8
Kernel version
We recommend to use a kernel's version >= 4.0 for better Docker performance using OverlayFS, otherwise the storage driver will be "devicemapper"
Free disk space: 5 Gb
Opened incoming ssh port
Open ports
For the Weave network to work, you must open ports 6783, 6784 (TCP/UDP)
This software will be installed on the host:
Docker, Weave Network, Telegraf, D2C HealthCheck Daemon
1. Sign in into your D2C account
2. Click "Connect own host"
3. Copy the command

4. Connect to your host via SSH
5. Run the command you copied before
That's all! The host will be added to your D2C account
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