How to link with Google Cloud Platform

You can easily link your Google Cloud Platform account with your D2C account and create/resize/destroy hosts and EBS disks with D2C.

Check the video or follow the step by step guide:

How to link with Google Cloud Platform:

  • Click "+Add provider"

  • Choose Google Cloud Platform

  • Give it a name. If you already have GCP credential file (JSON format), you can paste it using "Upload" button. After that, click "+Add provider",

If you need to create a credential file, follow the next steps:

  • From the GCP console, create a new project or pick an existing one


  • Find Compute Engine API 

  • and click Enable

  • Click Create credentials

  • Choose Service account key

  • Then, choose a default service account (you may also create a new one at IAM & admin/Service accounts page and create a JSON key there) and click Create

  • Save a JSON file

That's all. Google Cloud Platform account is now linked with your D2C account, and you can create hosts, make actions and deploy services on them. 

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