How to link with Amazon Web Services

You can easily link your Amazon Web Services account with your D2C account and create/resize/destroy hosts and EBS disks with D2C.

Check the video or follow the step by step guide:

How to link with Amazon Web Services:

  • Click "+Add provider"

  • Choose Amazon Web Services

  • Give it a name. If you already have AWS credentials (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) you can paste them in the special fields. After that, click "+Add provider",

If you need to create credentials, follow the next steps:

  • Enter a username (e.g. d2c). Select the “Programmatic access” checkbox and click Next: Permissions

  • Select the “Attach existing policies directly” button at the top. Search for the AdministratorAccess policy, select it, then click Next: Review

  • Click Create user

  • Copy Access Key ID and Secret Access Key or save a .csv file with the download button

That's all. Amazon Web Services account is now linked with your D2C account, and you can create hosts, make actions and deploy services on them. 

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