How to connect an own host

If you want to deploy services on your own in-house servers or at cloud providers that D2C does not currently support, you can do so. We provide a script that checks whether your host complies with the requirements to be added to the D2C dashboard and be a part of your project.

Supported operation systems and requirements

When you connect your own host it should have:

  • Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 or Debian 8/9.
  • Kernel version >= 4.2. We do not recommend 4.12 and 4.13 because of their poor performance in VXLAN tunneling: 60x decrease
  • Free disk space: 5 Gb
  • Opened incoming SSH port
  • For the Weave network to work, you must open ports 6783, 6784 (TCP/UDP)
  • hostname should be unique and cannot be named as “localhost”
  • For better performance, we recommend ensuring that VXLAN tunneling is allowed

D2C does not support hosts with installed Docker to prevent any configuration conflicts.

Check the video or follow the step by step guide:

How to connect 

  • Copy the script

  • Connect to your host via SSH and execute the copied script

  • Follow the installation recommendations. You can be asked to install curl, python2, time etc. 

That's all! The host will be added to D2C, and the next software will be installed: Docker, Telegraf, Weave, and D2C HealthChecker.  After that deploy services on them. 

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